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Your gut is a huge part of your immune system, hormones, neurological health, and of course, digestion. An effective cleanse is like hitting the reset button on all of this!

Think Citrus!

Just think citrus oils when it comes to toxicity. 

On a daily basis, we need to use citrus oils. Part of the reason why is that one of the limiting factors of the body's immune capability is the level of glutathione that we have present. 

Glutathione is critical because it supports not just the immune system, but it also supports all of the systems and the organs that are responsible for cleansing in the body, like the liver, for example. Even the central nervous system has high susceptibility to damage if we don't have protection in place. Glutathione is a substantial part of the body's ability to do that.

One of the things that we know about limonene, a monoterpene in essential oils, is it is specifically in high amounts in the citrus oils.  It is helpful in protection for the body to be sustained that way. 

Intestinal Lining Support

During detoxification, it is important to carefully protect the lining of the digestive tract. The detoxification process releases toxins into the system, and many of them will need to pass out through the delicate intestines. We want to avoid weakening the stomach or intestinal lining. Doing so would put them at great risk for damage.  

The Right Support

It's important to set up the conditions for inevitable success when shifting lifestyle habits because then follow through becomes easy. Without this,  falling back into old patterns is inevitable and you get what you don't want, rather than what you want. Cleansing and restoring is sacred work that takes some effort and is very rewarding. After detoxification and cleansing, many people experience a greater sense of vitality and well-being. Kathryn will help you set up the right conditions for success throughout the 30-day Cleanse and Restore Protocol. 

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Cleanse and Restore

Every spring we clean our house and rid ourselves of things that are not just taking up space but impeding our ability to enjoy life. Why should our bodies be any different? The products in this kit, 

taken at the right time and in the right amounts, can help us deal with toxic loads and help our bodies have the health we need to maximize our lives! 

Below is a download of the Cleanse and Restore Protocol including a handy chart to help you keep track of your progress through the 30 days.  Be sure to download it and order the Cleanse and Restore Kit right away. Get started feeling better today! 

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What is in the Cleanse and Restore Kit?

LifeLong Vitality Pack


LifeLong Vitality gives your cells and body systems the food-based micro-nutrients and essential omegas they need to perform their best. Nourish your body during a cleanse and every day of your wellness lifestyle.

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TerraZyme is a blend supports healthy digestion and metabolic processes, allowing you more efficient nutrient intake and digestive activity. 

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DDR Prime


DDR Prime supports cellular integrity, and helps protect the body and cells from oxidative stress. Its essential oil blend supports cellular health, function and renewal. 

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Zendocrine Complex


Zendocrine complex uses powerful herbs to boost your body's ability to manage toxins in a healthy way. The botanical blend supports liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin. 

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Zendocrine Softgels


Zendocrine softgels deliver essential oils known to support healthy liver, kidney, and other endocrine system functions. It supports the body's natural ability to rid itself of unwanted substances. 

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Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon essential oil naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion, promoting a healthy and functional GI tract. 

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GX Assist


Eliminate the bad. Use GX Assist to create a clean and safe environment in your gut.  The combination of essential oils and caprylic acid help cleanse and support the digestive system. 

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PB Assist


Rock your probiotics! PB Assist repopulates your gut with healthy flora for regular hormones and healthy neurological function at the gut level.

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Cleanse and Restore Protocol Download

How to Cleanse and Restore


Days 1-30

What to do: 

2 of each LifeLong Vitality Pack 2x/day

1 TerraZyme 3x/day

1 Zendocrine complex 3x/day

1 Zendocrine softgel 3x/day

1 DDR Prime 2 or 3x/day

A few drops of lemon in water


Days 11-20

What to do:

Continue prior supplements

1 GX Assist 3x/day (start with only 1 on first day and work your way up)


Days 21-30

What to do:

Continue prior supplements

DIscontinue GX Assist

1 PB Assist 3x/day

What to Eat During Your Cleanse


What to Eat

Minimize/eliminate sugar, grains, dairy, and unhealthy oils during your cleanse. Substitute xylitol/stevia, quinoa, nut milks, and healthy fats for phenomenal results!

Focus on eating vegetables, fruits, clean, lean protein, and nuts and seed. 

Kathryn loves to share yummy recipes and offers coaching support through your Cleanse and Restore journey. 

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Minimizing or eliminating grains can be easier than you might think. The Paleo diet offers many delicious recipes that will help you make some healthy choices in place of the breads, crackers, tortillas, cereals, pastas, pastries, and cookies. 

Wheat, of course, is the most commonly used grain. Many people get many of their grains from packaged cereals and refined-flour breads, which provide less nutrition than the whole grain. The refining of grains and flours creates a number of problems, particularly the loss of important nutrients. In some areas of the world, by law, some nutrients are added back in, making them "enriched" foods. However, other important nutrients are lost and are not replaced. 

If you feel you need something grain-like in your meals, quinoa is a good option. It's easily digestible and cooks in about 20 minutes. It is called a "superfood" because it is a nutrient-dense food. 

Quinoa is not actually a grain. It's more closely related to beets and to green leafy vegetables  than it is to wheat, oats or rye. It can be cooked in a main dish or a side dish, in soups and even puddings. It can be ground into a flour or be used as flakes. Be sure to rinse it before cooking because it has a soap-like coating. 

High-Quality Oils and Fats

Healthy versus unhealthy oils can become a bit complicated and confusing. Some unhealthy oils to avoid include soybean, corn, canola, and peanut oils. They tend to cause more inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation contributes to weight gain. Some healthy oils include almond, avocado, olive, and coconut oils. 

All of the vegetable oils are liquid at room temperature, except for coconut oil, one of the few saturated vegetable oils. 

These oils are rich in essential fatty acids that are needed for the growth and maintenance of cells, tissues, and the entire body. 

Oils can be used in salad dressings, in sauces, in baking, and in cooking.  Heating these oils is not recommended (except for coconut oil), as heat may affect their chemical structure making them less usable and more difficult for the body to process. 

There are many high-quality fats to choose from. Each type of fat has its own merits and benefits as well as its own drawbacks. To choose a fat that is right for you, listen to your body. If you find that after you eat a particular fat (or any food, really) and you feel sluggish and just need to sleep, then that food may be taking energy away from you, rather than giving you energy. Listen to your body. What you should be aiming for at every meal is to feel appropriately satisfied and energized. Your body knows exactly what it needs.

Fats are a necessary part of our diet. Some fats harm us and some fats help us. Fast food fats tend to be the ones that harm us more than they help us. If you can avoid fast foods during the 30-day protocol, you will feel so much better for it. 

Be sure to eat at least one healthy fat at every meal. Fats take longer to digest in the stomach, so they help you feel fuller longer.  

What is a healthy fat? Below is a complimentary list of high-quality fats for you to download. Be sure to put it up somewhere in your kitchen and refer to it often. It is important to eat a variety of foods every day in order to get the wide array of nutrients that our bodies need to function normally. 


If you're anything like Kathryn, you may have a sweet tooth and the very thought of going 30 days without something sweet is nearly impossible! If you have never gone without sugar for 30 days in a row, ease yourself into it. 

Start by going for a week substituting medium-sugar-impact foods for high-sugar-impact foods. If you're not sure what those foods are specifically, contact Kathryn. She is trained in the J.J. Virgin Sugar Impact Diet and can help guide you through the process of swapping them out. A couple of weeks later, you can transition into low-sugar-impact foods and stay with those until the end of the 30 days. Then, you can slowly add back the foods you desire one by one to see how they affect you. 

Once you know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, minimizing or eliminating sugar from your diet will become second nature to you. You may even find that you prefer to leave the sugar out of your diet because you feel so good! 

If you really need to have the sweet, xylitol and stevia are good options. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol, not to be confused with either alcohol or sugar. Sugar alcohols don't significantly raise blood sugar. Xylitol has some benefits of its own that other sugar alcohols do not have. Some of those benefits are that It slows down stomach emptying and suppresses hunger. Also, It does not feed yeast, so it will not contribute to Candida. 

Stevia is a sweet herb that when refined is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. It is a plant that you can grow yourself if you like to garden. Just remember to water it - a lot! Sometimes Stevia can seem to be bitter or have a bitter aftertaste. The trick is to limit how much you are using. If you use too much at one time, it will definitely taste bitter and leave an aftertaste. Less is absolutely more!

It is important to be aware of how much Stevia you use . Using Stevia alone can be confusing to the taste buds, so it is a possibility to overeat, so it is good to mix  Xylitol and Stevia for best results. 

Overall, It is better to eat the naturally occurring sweet whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables and reduce the intake of the processed, more heavily sweetened foods wherever possible. 

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Ditch the Dairy

It's only 30 days. You can do it. Dairy is one of the most common sources of both food sensitivity and food allergy. Who knows, maybe when you add dairy back into your diet after 30 days, you will find that it was making your skin break out, causing your gas or bloating, or your sinuses to be all stuffed up again. 

Dairy is everywhere from Greek yogurt to cheese in everything to milk on your cereal in the morning to ice cream as an evening treat. There are options for you. You can make yogurt with nut milks or coconut milk, if there are no allergies to those. Nutritional yeast has a cheesy flavor to it, and it even adds some important vitamin B12 to your meal! 

Ditching the dairy for only 30 days may even open up some interesting meal possibilities that could turn out to be some of your new favorites. 

If you are really lost in what to eat without dairy, there are some amazing Paleo recipes out there. The Paleo diet is made without grains or dairy. They may just be the answer to what you need. 

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