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You are invited to learn about the empowering, natural wellness solutions essential oils have to offer you. Not sure what to do with those essential oils just sitting in your cupboard? Join an Essential Oils 101 class for beginners, or even "Master The Essentials." 

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Once you have experienced the essential oils, you will naturally want to share them with others. Sharing will allow you to provide your friends, family, and your community with empowering solutions that can improve their everyday lives and well-being. 

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Through the doTERRA  business opportunity, you have the freedom to cater your business plan to fit your lifestyle needs, you can reach new financial goals, spend more time with your loved ones, include your family in your business, work from home, and develop leadership skills - all while elevating others with a product you believe in. 

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What would it feel like if you were doing better at work, and you were feeling like a better parent, and you were connecting more to that special person in your life?  

 What's stopping you from having the weight loss or energy you want? 

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doTERA's Wellness Philosophy

doterra wellness philosophy: eat right, exercise, Rest & Stress, Toxicity, Self Care

You want to be well... make the sacrifices to get there. 

The everyday lifestyle choices you make affect your health and well-being. When you make good lifestyle choices that care for your body, coupled with the powerful benefits of essential oils, you will have the power to live an elevated life!

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About Us


Our Life Together

Mark and Kathryn are the parents of 10 children!

They strive to improve the word one drop, on individual, and one community at a time. 

Mark, a multi-faceted man is a Master Plumber/Gasfitter, has served over 35 years with the Boy Scouts of Canada, soccer and basketball MVP/coach/referee, first responder, thespian, director/producer, blogger (, and a motivational speaker. 

Kathryn is a Certified Holistic Health/Life Consultant. She is becoming a Registered Holistic Nutrition Coach and Masterful Health Coach. She is an essential oil educator and blogger ( She is also an inspirational speaker. 

Mark's wife, Kathryn, was once in a wheelchair as the result of a crippling back disease. Through more than a decade of Kathryn's debilitating back pain, they have gained an intimate understanding of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial pain. One by one, incredible miracles have transformed their lives and empowered Kathryn to be free of her wheelchair. 

Recently, they climbed Machu Picchu together and fulfilled a lifelong dream that once seemed impossibl

From Wheelchair to Machu Picchu

From Wheelchair to Machu Picchu: Journey in the Search of Hope

Kathryn is writing her first book "From Wheelchair to Machu Picchu: Journey in the Search of Hope," that is coming out in 2019/2020. 

From the moment the essential oils entered her life, she began learning about and experimenting with them. She has put herself to learning and understanding the science behind why essential oils work, how they work in the body, what the effects of aromatherapy are, and how to easily integrate the oils into everyday life to enhance her and her husband's healthy lifestyle. 

Most recently, she has been exploring the study of emotions and essential oils with Chinese acupressure applications for the most effective outcomes. 

Kathryn is a public speaker whose purpose is to share her incredible story with the desire to give you hope, empowerment, and courage to move away from what is keeping you stuck toward what you really want in life, whatever that may be. 


Life on Back Order

Mark is writing his first book, "Life on Back Order," coming out in the Spring of 2019.

Mark shares his story of being the primary caregiver of a wife with Degenerative Disc Disease, while at times the disease has left Kathryn completely dependent on Mark for the basic necessities of life. 

His story is shared from the heart with the challenges, trials, triumphs, and lessons life has taught both of them along the way. You will love his sense of humor and his determined outlook throughout their journey together. 

As a motivational speaker who is invested in the very knowledge he is eager to share, allow him to walk you through the process of raising yourself to a higher plane and using simple methods to maintain it. You are bound to walk away from his talk with a boost of positivity.  

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